About Bitcoin

Bitcoin is a digital currency based on an open-source, peer-to-peer network. While there are a few more in-depth tutorials you can ready with a simple Google search, Bitcoin is convenient, anonymous and secure. In order to obtain bitcoins to make a payment with Essay Guru Ltd, a customer must make an account with a Bitcoin exchange (much like a stock exchange) and place an order for Bitcoins there. The most popular of these exchanges is Mt.Gox, although there are a wide variety of exchanges that allow for virtually instant purchases of Bitcoins. Once the Bitcoins are purchased, they are deposited in a digital Bitcoin wallet that you control and can make payments from.

Payment Instructions

If you prefer to pay with Bitcoin, specify this payment option with your quote. Once you wish to place an order, contact Essay Guru Ltd at to obtain the Bitcoin address to make the deposit to. Essay Guru Ltd requires 1 confirmation (Bitcoin terminology for verifying a transaction, which takes approximately 10 minutes) before confirming payment.